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Treadlite™ New Zealand offers premium products proudly made right here from recycled rubber.

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Treadlite New Zealand is reducing the environmental impact of tyres ending up in landfill. By recycling the fibres to deliver a premium horse arena product, Treadlite is taking steps towards a proud solution.

Arena Mix

Spread over or mixed with sand, Arena Mix is a premium equestrian surface made from a mix of three different elements of recycled rubber tyres – shred, crumb and fibre.


Used for playground matting, artificial sports fields, mats and gym flooring, Granules are made from recycled tyres right here in Cambridge, New Zealand.

Tyre Pick Up Service

Save tyres from being sent to landfills with our convenient tyre collection service and we’ll convert the tyres into our growing range of premium products.

Our Collective Environmental
Impact and Mission

Every year in New Zealand, more than 7.75 million tyres reach their end of life, and most end up in landfill or being burnt overseas – that’s approximately 73,700 tonnes too many.

Our vision is simple at Treadlite New Zealand – ‘Our Place, Our Problem’. We’re on a mission to convert this waste stream from landfill to useful, by repurposing used tyres and manufacturing high-value new products.

We’ve scoured the world to find recycling and manufacturing solutions to this problem, and are proud to deliver Treadlite Premium Horse Arena Mix as our first product – but this is just the beginning of our journey.

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