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Treadlite™ Australia offers premium products proudly made from sustainable recycled rubber.


Treadlite Australia is reducing the environmental impact of tyres ending up in landfill. Proudly made in Australia, our product utilises recycled tyre fibres to deliver a premium horse arena product, and granules. Treadlite is taking steps towards a proud solution towards sustainability.

Arena Mix

Spread over or mixed with sand, Arena Mix is a premium equestrian surface made from a mix of recycled rubber tyres including shred, crumb and fibre.


Used for play ground matting, artificial sports feilds, mats and gym flooring, Granules are made from recycled tyres in Cambridge, New Zealand.

Treadlite is now AVAILABLE IN Australia

Now in Australia

Treadlite is proud to be supplying Australia with our premium arena mix. The last 6 months has been very successful with 100 arenas going down the first 100 days. We currently have depots in Victoria, New South Whales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, and Tasmania.

We are invested in getting more riders and clubs onto a premium riding surface and we look forward to many more years supplying the Australian market.

About Treadlite Arena Mix

The recycling process at Treadlite’s purpose-built facility takes end-of-life tyres through a triple-treated refinery process with a series of shredders and magnets to produce a consistent material specifically designed for horse arenas.

Treadlite has worked alongside professional equestrian riders to develop and test this premium mix, and are proud to see competition equestrian centres and private horse arenas across Australia now choosing Treadlite.

Pricing Guide

Select an option to calculate at that thickness:

Whats the recommended thickness?

Spread thickness is a personal preference, however professional riders who have trialled and tested our product recommend a 20mm plus spread thickness. With different thickness options for different budgets, use the calculator above to easily determine the number of bags you’ll require to cover your horse arena. Simply select a tab for your desired thickness then enter your arena dimensions for an instant calculation.

Why Use Treadlite Arena Mix

Better Impact Absorption

Rubber reduces concussion on your horse’s joints to improve their joint health

Suitable for any base

Can be used alone over base-course, spread on top of sand, or mixed in with sand

Reduced Dust

Rubber layering means less sand dust while riding for better respiratory health

Protects Horses' Hooves

Less wear and tear on horses’ hooves, protecting their feet




Free Samples

We are now offering free samples of our arena mix product. This allows you to get a true feel for the product before you commit to an arena full of it! Simply provide your contact and postal deatils and your sample will be with you soon after.

Where to Find Us


Narangba, QLD


Geelong, VIC


Welshpool, WA


Shanes Park, NSW


Edinburgh North, SA


Launceston, TAS

Our Collective Environmental
Impact and Mission

Every year in Australia, more than 50 million tyres reach their end of life, and most end up in landfill or exported overseas to be burnt- that’s approximately 475,500 tonnes too many.

At Treadlite Australia, our vision is simple – ‘Our Place, Our Problem’. We’re on a mission to convert this waste stream from landfill to useful, by repurposing used tyres and manufacturing high-value new products.

We’ve scoured the world to find recycling and manufacturing solutions to this problem, and are proud to deliver Treadlite Premium Horse Arena Mix as our first product – but this is just the beginning of our journey.

What People have to say

We love to hear feedback from our customers. Here’s what some of them had to say about Treadlite’s Premium Arena Mix

“Apart from the produce being amazing, the team from Treadlite are professional, helpful, and knowledgeable, their service before, during and after is second to none. I love my arena and highly recommend it.”


Gary Lung – Grand Prix Dressage Rider

“I Have had my Treadlite arena surface for around a year now. The horses feel confident underfoot and it mixed in well with my synthetic sand surface. It is not at all slippery when soaked with water and I find the surface to suppress the dust. All good at Danson Dressage.”


Heather Currie – Grand Prix Dressage Rider

“When I researched the market for a product to improve my arena surface, I found numerous options. However, each had their limitations, there were ones that needed; a never ending supply of water, a totally new sand to mix with their product, a specific type of sand, or an endless supply of funds. This is not the case with Treadlite. I love this product because; it mixes extremely well with any sand that you already have, it’s easy to install, reduces the need to rake and water the arena consistently, drains extremely well, feels amazing to ride on, and it is so affordable.”


Gary Lung – Grand Prix Dressage Rider

“Since changing to Treadlite I’ve noticed a lot more spring in the surface, much less dust. There’s been much less puddles on the arena and the surface always stays put.”


Clarke Johnstone – Olympian

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