Environmental Impact

From landfill to useful

As a New Zealand company based in the Waikato, Treadlite is focused on the production of waste streams with a key focus on tyres. More than 7.75 million tyres (passenger tyre equivalents) reach their end of life in New Zealand every year some 73,700 tonnes worth!

It is estimated of that 70% are going to landfill, stockpiled or illegally dumped. We also know large numbers of tyres are shipped offshore to be burnt with major environmental and human health implications. We think this is madness.

The Treadlite vision is simple “Our Place, Our Problem”, rubber and steel in tyres are high value materials and we want to use these materials locally to create products and employment particular in Regions where they are needed. Transporting tyres across New Zealand to large plants creates further emissions and a vital opportunity for the regions is lost, so we keep our production local.

In conjunction with our manufacturing partners we have developed a unique micro processing facility which we aim to deploy in various rural centres across the North Island. Think micro brewery……but instead of fermenting hops we smash tyres to smithereens which can then be put into products in your local community.

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In the first week of August 2019 Treadlite got the news we were waiting for. Tyres were declared a Priority Product by the Associate Minister for the Environment Eugenie Sage meaning a Product Stewardship Programme would be put in place which would create a framework for dealing with our tyre woes and drive bad behaviour out of the industry.

Watch this space.

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