Arena Mix

Treadlite™ produces its premium equestrian surface from recycled rubber

The recycling process at Treadlite’s Cambridge purpose-built facility in New Zealand takes end-of-life tyres through a triple-treated refinery process with a series of shredders and magnets to produce a consistent material specifically designed for horse arenas.

Treadlite has worked alongside professional equestrian riders to develop and test this premium mix, and are proud to see competition equestrian centres and private horse arenas across New Zealand and Australia now choosing Treadlite.

Why Use Treadlite
Premium Horse Arena Mix

Here’s why Australian equestrian riders are choosing to ride on Treadlite:

Protects Horses' Hooves

Less wear and tear on horses’ hooves

Better Impact Absorption

Rubber reduces concussion on joints

Lively Surface

Better take off for jumping

Reduced Glare

Reduced light reflection off arena surface

Even Spread

Maintains more even spread than traditional sand surfaces

Reduced Dust

Rubber layering means less sand dust while riding

Less Rain Affected

Remains less affected by rainfall than traditional sand surfaces

Suitable for any base

Can be used alone over base-course, spread on top of sand, or mixed in with sand

Testimonial by Heather Curry

“The best thing I love about it as well is that my horse feels so confident on it. He’s not feeling any hard corners anymore. He also is really prone to not giving his full body to me if he does not feel comfortable so I find that Treadlite has made this an amazing surface for me now.”

– Heather Curry

Pricing Guide

Select an option to calculate at that thickness:

Whats the recommended thickness?

Spread thickness is a personal preference, however professional riders who have trialled and tested our product recommend a 20mm plus spread thickness. With different thickness options for different budgets, use the calculator above to easily determine the number of bags you’ll require to cover your horse arena. Simply select a tab for your desired thickness then enter your arena dimensions for an instant calculation.

Installing Arena Mix

Learn more about the installation process for Treadlite’s Arena Mix.

Read Our Installation Guide

Prep the Arena

Level the arena surface to produce an even terrain and prevent accidents or injuries.

Treadlite Arrives

Divide the arena into equal sections and distribute the Treadlite bags evenly.

Open Treadlite

Tear open the Treadlite bags to allow the mix to spill out onto the arena’s surface.

Spread the Treadlite

Spread the Treadlite with a rake, levelling bar, chain harrows, or back blade for a uniform surface.



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Does the rubber have metal in it?

Our triple treated refinery process produces a consistent evenly sized material that we are happy to say is 99.9% metal free, we run an extra 2 magnetic beds after the final process just to be sure.

How long does it last and will I need to top it up once it is on my arena?

Some people like to top their arena up after they’ve ridden on it for a little while and have a better idea of the surface feel they want for their horse. However, whatever amount you have spread, your Treadlite Premium Arena mix will remain in place and won’t wear away.

Will it stain my horse’s legs?

No. We know some older types of rubber surfaces did stain horses legs and was noticeable on the white socks or white lower legs of the horses. However, Treadlite’s Premium Arena surface has been triple processed and leaves no residue. 

Will it blow or wash away?

Under normal weather conditions, no. The rubber itself has irregularly edges which allows it to easily bind with the sand or other surface. This, combined with the traces of fibre which remain in the rubber and which absorb moisture, means that except for an extreme weather event you rubber stays where it is put.

Does the rubber stay on the surface or does it mix in with the sand?

Depending on how often you ride on your arena and what type of riding you do, the rubber will gradually combine with the top layer of your sand surface. However you will notice that immediately after rainfall it makes its way back to the surface again. Alternatively grooming your arena with conventional chain harrows or an arena rake quickly returns it to how it was when it was first spread.

What is the best surface to put the rubber on?

Individual preferences vary from rider to rider and much depends upon the type of soil you have and the position of your arena. Treadlite Premium Arena Mix spreads perfectly and works well with all types of sand, limestone, crusher dust etc.  We recommend you seek the advice of your local arena contractor if you are unsure of the best surface for your needs.

Can I use Treadlite Premium Arena Surface on its own or is it better to put it on top of sand or some other surface?

Again individual preferences vary and although it can be spread directly on top of base-coarse, we have found the best results are achieved by laying a 10 -15mm layer of Treadlite Premium Mix on top of a base layer of sand or similar.

Can I use ordinary harrows to maintain the surface or do I need a special rake?

Yes ordinary harrows work just fine and of course an arena rake will also work perfectly.

Can I spread it myself?

Yes you can.  Treadlite Premium Arena Mix comes in convenient 350kg bags with sturdy handles which can easily be lifted with the forks of a tractor and have a drawstring opening in the underside which allows you to control the flow of rubber when you open it. Alternatively if we deliver the rubber straight to you we can do the spreading for you.

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